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What is an annexe

An annexe is a building that is either joined on to or adjacent to another – main, and usually larger – building. Think of it as an addition to a property – it’s within the boundaries and can serve as a fantastic space for many uses, some of which we’re going to demonstrate to you in this post.

The meaning of a granny annexe is very similar – though it proposes a definite use for the space – that is a self-contained accommodation, again by the side of joined on to the main house or accommodation. The main purpose of a granny annexe is for a parent or relative to live in.

At iHUS, a big proportion of our annexes are used for this purpose – to provide families with additional accommodation for their elderly loved ones, however, they have many other uses too and can provide a solution for a number of different situations.

What is the difference between a Garden Room and an Annexe?

You will find many companies offering garden rooms online. These are not to be confused with an annexe and shouldn’t be compared to our unique signature builds, because quite simply they do not offer the solution that a granny annexe offers.

A garden room is typically used as an additional space in a house – but is not accommodation. A garden room can be used to provide additional space for entertaining, maybe for a garden office or occasional space. But typically, these spaces will be used during the day or into the evening for some light entertainment, friends round for a drink or a quiet space to spend an afternoon.

Your iHUS annexe is much more than this.

Annexe entertaining guests

An annexe provides a living space to call your home. It is self-contained – meaning as well as a living space, you have a kitchen, bathroom, and a bedroom or two. Everything you would need for a home, all under one roof. You will of course have all of the utilities you need to live a comfortable life. All items that you would not expect in a garden room.

In fact, the only difference you should really expect to find from your existing home is an annexe will be smaller – and much easier to maintain.

What is involved in Building an annexe?

Building an annexe is no small feat. There’s a huge amount of planning and processes that go into each and every one of our builds.

An overview of the ihus granny annexe process includes:

  • Initial Contact – Where you enquire about an ihus annexe build – we’ll send you a brochure to get you started on your thought process in ideas for us to develop your perfect build.
  • Onsite Consultation – A member of our team will visit you at your home to discuss your ideas, demonstrate options to you and give a feasibility assessment on the proposed area for the build and go over budgets with you to decide on the type of build you require.
  • Follow up – we’ll create a detailed plan of your annexe and provide everything you need to make a decision. We’ll cover areas including planning, warranties, timelines and specifications.
  • Confirmation – Following your confirmation, we get on with planning permission straight away – don’t forget we offer a money-back guarantee if planning permission is not successful.
  • Constant communication – with a single point of contact from our team to make it even easier for you. We’ll be here for all of your questions and we’ll keep you up to date with progress while your annexe is being built in our factory in Doncaster.
  • The build – Our groundwork staff will be on-site first to prepare the land and fixing up utilities. When everything is ready, your annexe will be delivered to your home and assembled before interior works are completed.
  • The big day – finally your big day will arrive. As part of our signature move, you’ll have a handyman sent to your new home to help complete the move, shelves up and any final tweaks to make your home complete.

Of course, the above is a summary of the activity. Find out more about our process.

Feeding baby

A Granny Annexe Extension

While the iHUS annexe is typically a stand-alone unit. What happens if you would like to simply use it as an extension to your existing property and keep the two joined together? You can!

With the iHUS custom offer, we can build an annexe to any specification – this includes adding additional space to your existing property.

With a custom build, the opportunity is quite simply limitless. No matter the size, or shape of your garden, or the ideas you have to create your new home – iHUS can make it happen.

Annexe properties

If you’re for a more traditional annexe offer, there are many predesigned floor plans available for you to choose from. Your annexe property can vary in the number of bedrooms, the size of the gilding, roof type and of course the internal and external fittings.

Whichever way you decide to go, from a cosy One Bedroom Cantley annexe to a 2 bedroom large annexe offer in The Wheatley, you will be sure to be amazed by what is available from the iHUS core annexe range.

Whatever the style of the ideal property you are looking for – it’s best to hear from those who currently live in an annexe and have experienced what it is like to go through the iHUS process. Luckily have the iHUS community to share examples – as well as guided tours – of existing iHUS built properties.

Annexe Myths

The rise in popularity of the annexe has been increasing over the past decade, and iHUS is proud to be at the forefront of this movement. However, there are still a great number of so-called “myths” that we hear that as we attempt to tell you what an annexe is, it would help to put truth to.

You don’t need planning permission

This is simply not true – quite the opposite. Gaining planning permission is an intricate procedure that involves the local planning authority (LPA) and can differ from region to region. It is really important to ensure that you work with an advisor to give yourself the best chance of getting the needed planning permission for your dream annexe build. Take a look at our money-back guarantee on planning.

Installing a Granny Annexe is quick

We build quality annexes at iHUS and to do so we have strict procedures and qualities to adhere to. Therefore the process of the build is not simply an install within a week or two. It takes time to build in our factory and install the annexe correctly. This can range from annexe to annexe given the intricacies of each but typically a build will range from 7 – 11 weeks. Add to this the time for planning permission and your total duration will likely be in the remit of 5-6 months. Find out more about how long it takes to build an annexe.

Can my Annexe have a separate address?

No – to be classed as an annexe, your build must be built within the same garden/property as the main house.

Annexes can’t stand the test of time

Poor quality products would lead people to believe this, however at iHUS we are confident in our builds and offer a 10-year guarantee on each one. However, given the standard of the materials we use and the workmanship involved, there is no reason why an iHUS annexe shouldn’t last 70-80 years.

An annexe is only for old people

The word Granny often makes people think that an annexe is only for older generations. However, this is not the case. With the rise in property prices and young people struggling to get their foot on the property ladder, it is becoming more common for Annexes to be built to accommodate younger generations for freedom & space.

couple at home in their annexe

How Can An Annexe Help My Family

We recently covered the financial benefits in our Cost of a Granny Annexe post, but it isn’t simply about the money. We’ll touch on these briefly below but the added benefits of having family close by outweigh these.

The financial benefits certainly do help when it comes to looking after an elderly parent or relative – the cost of care continues to rise and is often in the thousands per week. This cost can be saved by having dependant family members nearby who can pop in and help without taking away independence.

Having family nearby is not always about younger generations supporting older family members either – childcare can often be a stress with both parents working full time to support a household. Having a grandparent nearby can be incredibly helpful for the parents who need additional support time, and it can be exciting for the grandparent and child too who relish spending the time with their loved ones.

We’ve already mentioned how young people can benefit from an annexe by gaining independence from living in an annexe, but what about mum and dad? Having their own space again after bringing up their family at home will be both a relief and make life easier.

Whichever way you look at it, for a lot of families across the UK, having family nearby is worth more than anything that money can buy. It brings with it time, enjoyment and memories that will last a lifetime as they spend their days close, yet within a short distance, of each other by living within the same boundary.

Find Out More

This guide to What is An Annexe has covered many details that we have come across since we started the iHUS journey, yet yours is your own to make. As each annexe is unique in its own build, each person that is lucky enough to call one their home will have their own unique story to tell of how, why and where they built their annexe.

Speak to a member of the iHUS team and we can help you tell build your own story and create the annexe that is exactly right for you and your family.

Get started by downloading a brochure today.

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