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      Traditional Granny Annexes

      Download Your Free Annexe Brochure

        Simply fill in the form and you will be emailed a link to download our 32 page annexe brochure.

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        A traditional granny annexe can increase the value of the existing property, bring independence to a loved one, and is an attractive addition to a family home.

        But what makes a granny annex traditional? And how do you balance tradition and innovation so you don’t end up with a nasty, old fashioned looking granny annexe?

        The devil is in the detail.

        Customisable Granny Annexes

        Here at iHus we don’t believe that one granny annexe should suit everyone. How can it?! And we don’t just offer a range of footprints to choose from and then just shove in the same old units, flooring, and cladding as everyone else.

        We believe that a traditional granny annex is an opportunity for a fresh start for many. They are the chance to truly customise your home, just like any new build.

        So we have a wide range of customisable features you can choose from to tailor your traditional granny annexe.


        traditional granny annexe


        Even if you want something unusual, you can have it. In fact, one of our specialisms is designing totally unique granny annexes for people for whom the standard granny annexe is unsuitable. From homes in conservation areas, gardens in the grounds of listed buildings, or quirky garden plots, we can accommodate all needs.

        And that goes for physical needs too.

        We can tailor your traditional granny annexe for your physical needs. This might include basic things, such as ramps or grab rails, or it might be more complex adjustments, such as wider doorways, hoists, or storage space for care equipment,


        Timber Clad Traditional Granny Annexes

        Timber cladding is synonymous with the look of a traditional granny annex.

        Our granny annexes are clad in Cedral Weatherboard. The beauty of Cedral weatherboard is it is low maintenance and doesn’t rot, unlike traditional timber weatherboard. Your traditional granny annexe will look fabulous for years to come.

        What’s more, you can choose a huge range of colours and finishes.


        Pitched Roof or Flat Roof

        Flat roofs get a bad reputation for being a leak hazard, as back in the day, flat roofs would hold water until it evaporated. These days, however, they are sealed much more robustly, often with rubber, as opposed to lead.

        Flat roofs are ideal for when you want to retain a vista from the main house, or want to have a contemporary granny annexe.

        For the more traditional amongst us, pitched and slated roofs are very popular.

        Either way, the choice is yours. Both will give you a water tight, traditional garden annexe.


        pitched roof traditional granny annexe


        Traditional Layout

        The layout of your annexe is very important, as it will determine how you use the space and when you are alone, and when you entertain.

        We offer a range of one and two bedroom granny annexes. Some have an open plan living and cooking space, and some have separated areas.

        The Hickleton is the largest of our one bedroom annexes, and boasts a massive living space and a separate kitchen. It has a shower room and a storage cupboard. It is ideal for those who want the traditional feel of a bungalow.

        Similarly, the Hatfield has two bedrooms that come off a hallway, plus a separate kitchen area.

        For those looking for a contemporary granny annex, the Wheatly has an open plan living arrangement. The kitchen, dining room, and living room flow beautifully into one another, allowing you to easily move between. Two bedrooms with plenty of storage make this a great space to have the grandkids come to visit or to chuck the other half into when he is snoring.

        Or, if you want one bedroom with open plan living, the Ravenscroft has an L shaped kitchen in an open plan living/dining area.

        However you want to live your life in a traditional granny annex, we will draw up the right solution for you.


        The Little Extras

        We believe it is the little customisable extras that make our traditional granny annexes stand out from the crowd.

        As well as being able to pick the external features, you can also pick the internal ones too.

        You can choose kitchen cabinets, flooring, downlights, bathroom suite and loads more.

        That means you can make your granny annexe as traditional or contemporary as you like!


        West Midlands interior iHUS Granny Annexe


        Get In Touch

        If you would like to start the fully managed process of having a granny annexe built, get in touch.

        We take all the hassle out-just listen to Zoe’s story here for a first hand testimony!

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