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Granny Annexe FAQs: Everything You Need To Know

granny annexe faqs

Where To Start When You Are Thinking About A Granny Annexe? Here are some Granny Annexe FAQ’s

Most of our Granny Annexes are built in preparation for or to assist with family members requiring elderly care now or in the future.

It’s a tough decision for the whole family to decide on as there are many factors to consider before making that all important decision as to whose garden Mum, Dad (or both) are going to be living in.  However, it can often make good sense to provide a living space in your garden in the form of a granny annexe, meaning you can keep an eye on your older family members whilst they can maintain their independence.

The whole family needs to agree on this and be fully aware of the inheritance tax benefits of making such a move which we highlighted in our recent post about How Much Does A Granny Annexe Cost?

Recently more of our annexe projects have been to provide housing solutions at an affordable level for young and old alike.

People also choose annexes to downsize and release equity in the main home to enjoy a whole new lifestyle of being mortgage free with money in the bank.

So with this being one of the most significant major purchases (after your home) you are ever likely to make, we’ve compiled the following list of rapid-fire style FAQ’s to help you make the right decision for you and your family.


Granny Annexe Planning

Do I Need Planning Permission?  

If a building is used for habitation with all the main services, a kitchen or kitchenette, bathroom and bedroom, then yes. This can be done with either householder applications (in most cases) or Caravan Act. Either one will need approval from your Local Planning Authority.

What Is The Difference Between Planning Permission And The Caravan Act?

Planning permission is development of land and Caravan act is use of land. Both are decided by your local LPA.

How Long Does Planning Permission Take?

Every planning application has to be dealt with within 8 weeks of your planning application being prepared, submitted and verified. When Local Planning Authorities are very busy extensions of time can sometime be requested.

Do You Guarantee Planning Permission?

No, nobody can guarantee that. It depends on the merit of each application. We have unrivalled experience in dealing with Local Planning Authorities all over the UK and have a 90% success rate in obtaining planning permission including conservation areas.

Do Annexes Need Building Regulations?

Most annexes are built as mobile homes which do not fall under Building Regulations. We put all our annexes through Building regulations for our customers peace of mind.

Read more about planning permission in our blog Granny Annexe Planning Permission Made Simple


Granny Annexe Cost

How Much Does An Annexe Cost?

Depending on the overall size and finishes you choose you can expect to pay around £75k to £90k full turnkey.

What Is The Cheapest Annexe You Do?

Our lowest priced annexe is The Cantley which is a one bedroom annexe available for £72,100.

How Much Is A Two Bedroom Annexe?

Our two bedroom annexes start at £91,300 for the Melton garden annexe.

What’s The Best Way To Get An Accurate Cost?

Book an appointment with one our expert annexe consultants today.


The iHUS Granny Annexe Process

What Sort Of Warranty Can I Expect?

Our annexes come with a ten year structural warranty and a ten year insurance backed warranty.

How Long Do They Take To Build?

Once planning is approved (8-10 weeks) then usually about 6-8 weeks depending on weather etc.

Who Carries Out The Free On Site Consultations?

One of our very skilled annexe consultants.

Can I See One?

Yes, we can arrange a viewing for you at one of our existing annexes.

What Are Your Payment Terms?

We currently charge £1740 for our planning permission services.

Once planning is successful we then request a 25% deposit

Followed by a 60% stage payment on delivery of the building

And 15% payment on completion.

Do You Offer Finance?

Yes. We work with Pegasus Personal Finance to offer this service. More info is available on our Granny Annexe Finance page.

Can I Sell The Annexe As A Separate Dwelling In The Future?

No. The planning permission will state that the annexe must remain ancillary to the main house and it can never be sold as a separate dwelling.

Cream coloured annexe building set in a garden with wooden fence in foreground and golden retriever running towards the camera

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Personalising my Granny Annexe

Do You Furnish The Annexe?

No. We supply the complete building fully decorated, with laminate flooring throughout ready for you to move in, just as you would in a new home.

Do They Come With Wardrobes?

Fitted wardrobes are an optional extra that can be supplied and fitted if requested.

Can I Have A Kitchen?

Yes you can. All of our annexes are built with either a kitchen or kitchenette. It’s a customer’s choice and preference.

Do I Have A Choice Of Kitchens?

Yes, we supply a choice of kitchen cabinets and worktops for you to choose from in our HUScore annexes and a wider choice of kitchens with our Custom annexes.

Are The Floor Plans You Provide Set In Stone?

We have designed the HUScore annexes from our most frequently asked for floor plans over the many years we have been building annexes. They are designed to be budget friendly and maximise the living space available. We can make slight alterations to suit your particular site or create a custom annexe for you at an additional cost.

How Big Can An Annexe Be?

Most annexes have one or two bedrooms. It must not be more than 50% of the total garden area. Our free on site survey will guide you through what is most likely get you Planning.

What’s The Biggest Annexe Available?

There are strict guidelines to adhere to with regards to mobile homes and the plot size available but the largest mobile home that can be built is 65 feet long by 22 feet wide.

What Cladding Do You Use On The Outside?

We offer untreated Cedar weatherboard as our standard finish. Our most popular finish is the Marley Cedral Cladding low maintenance finish which is available in a choice of colours for a small additional cost.

Can I Have A Wet Room?

Yes. We can install a wet room for you instead of a shower room for an additional £995.


The Granny Annexe Build

What Is Turn-Key?

It’s a complete building ready to move into. This includes all services, kitchen, bathroom, heating, decorating, flooring, foundations and Building Regulations.

Who Can Live In The Annexe?

Usually the planning permission will dictate it has to be ancillary to the main dwelling and used by a family member.

What Services Do You Connect To?

We connect mains electric, sewerage and water.  A septic tank may be required in certain locations.

How Are Annexes Constructed?

IHUS annexes are fully insulated timber frame buildings designed for year round living just like a modern house. They are pre-fabricated in our factory in Doncaster and reassembled on site.

How Long Will My Annexe Last?

There is no reason why an IHUS annexe shouldn’t last at least 70 to 80 years.

Flat Roofs Leak Don’t They?

All our flat roofs are covered with an EPDM synthetic rubber membrane and come with a manufacturers warranty.

What About Pitched Roofs?

Pitched roofs are something we specialise in however in certain circumstances a fat roof may be the only design supported by your Local Planning Authority with regards to planning permission.

Are Your Windows UPVC A Rated Windows?

Yes, “A” rated double glazed White UPVC. Our standard finish is white UPVC inside or out or you can choose grey / oak or rosewood on white UPVC at an additional cost.

What Are They Built On?

We use a swift plinth foundation system that causes minimal disruption to the ground or roots of trees.

Are Connection To Services Included In The Price?

Yes. Provided your services are within 10 metres of the proposed annexe site.

What About Around The Outside Of The Annexe?

We build a 300mm wide membrane gravel strip that is also 30mm deep filled with 20mm stone.

Do You Build Steps Or A Ramp?


What About Lighting?

We supply ceiling mounted LED down lights throughout the interior and install a PIR porch light outside the entrance door as standard.

What Heating Is Included?

We supply and install electric panel heaters with thermostatic controls as standard.

What Appliances Are Included In The Kitchen?

In addition to the range of wall cupboards, base units, worktops, sink, taps and plumbing, we also supply supply and install a ceramic hob, single oven and extractor fan as standard. We will work with each customer with regards to their specific needs.

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