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Granny Pods: Alternatives To Elderly Care

If you are looking for an alternative to elderly care, you might be interested to hear about granny pods.
When your parents or in laws become unable to look after themselves it can come as quite a shock.

Sometimes we notice they aren’t their usual self after spending a lot of time with them, like at Christmas. Perhaps they are a little more forgetful, unable to follow the conversation, or having a few unexplainable falls.

Or maybe something big has happened and you want your parent or parent a little closer so you can look out for them. An illness, bereavement, or lifestyle change for either one of you can often be the catalyst for exploring moving your family closer together.

There are plenty of names for granny pods; garden pods, granny annexes, even granny flats. Whatever you want to call them, lets have a look at what they are and why they are a good alternative to elderly care.

What Is A Granny Pod?

Well there are granny pods, and then there are iHUS granny pods. Obviously, we can only speak for ourselves!

An iHUS granny pod is a custom built, prefab building that fits into some of your garden. They are fully insulated, properly glazed, centrally heated, plumbed homes.

Think of them as a mini bungalow! They usually have one or two bedrooms, a bathroom or a wet room, a living area and a dining area.

interior CAD image of One bedroom granny annexe


The iHUS granny pods can either be brick or timber clad, flat or pitched and tiled roof. You can customise the kitchen, bathroom, flooring, outside area, tiles, colour…. the list is practically endless. Have a look at our annexes to see just what you can customise.

These are not your bog-standard log cabins, sheds, or portacabins! These are glorious garden homes that add value to your property and allow your parents to live in a comfortable home.

Why Are Granny Pods A Good Idea?

Now that you know that you won’t be shoving your parents into a cold and draughty shed you might be starting to see the appeal of a granny pod.

The first major benefit of having your parents so close is you can help each other out. Imagine having ready-made babysitters on the property!

As our parents get older, we find ourselves doing more of their life admin, cooking, cleaning, and care.
It can be exhausting having to drive back and forth, especially if they don’t live close by. What’s more, it usually reaches a point where midnight SOS calls start coming in. Having your parents very close by is peace of mind for all concerned.

A granny pod can add value to your property, too. Imagine being able to sell your home with a separate one- or two-bedroom home attached!

We don’t have show homes here at iHUS, we have a community. Our community are past clients who are so proud of their granny annexes that they are


happy to talk to anyone who wants to know more. Have a look at our iHUS Community page to learn more.

Granny Pods For Sale In the UK

iHUS don’t just sell granny pods. We allow you to custom design your own.

image shows a woman giving elderly care by helping a lady with a jigsaw


If you were to decide to begin exploring an iHUS granny annexe, we would first come to your home to do a free consultation. During this consultation, we will have a chat with you about your objectives, likely future needs, and prerequisites.

We will survey your land and garden so that you can choose the right layout and size of granny pod. Making sure the granny annexe you choose is for your lives now and in the future is really important.
That’s why we take the time to go through all the various options available to you so you can really think about what you want.

We will discuss with you the planning permission process, timelines and costings with you at this consultation too. By the time we leave, you will have a really clear idea of what you would be getting. How much it would cost, and how long the build takes.

Once you give us the go-ahead, we send you a full written quotation and contract. From there we busy ourselves obtaining planning permission, ordering all the relevant parts, and constructing your granny pod. We will also come and prepare the ground on-site and work on hooking up the services.

One everything is ready to go, we arrange to drop the prefabricated granny annexe into its plot, kit it out and hook it up!

The whole process is as quick and painless as possible. You can find out more about our process here.

Ready To Find Out More?

If you would like to find out more, get in touch with us here, call us on 0808 164 1111 or email enquiries@ihusprojects.com.
We would be happy to send you a brochure. Or, you can download one from our homepage.

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