How Do I Talk To My Parents About Elderly Care?

There comes a time when our parents can’t look after themselves as well as they once did. For their loved ones, this can be an immense worry. In your opinion, your parents need ongoing care and support. Or perhaps you think it’s time for them to downsize to more suitable accommodation. Or maybe you think they aren’t safe to be driving.

However, these big decisions are not yours to make alone. When it comes to elderly care, you must prepare yourself for an often uncomfortable conversation with your parents.

Put Yourself In Their Shoes

When talking to your ageing parents about these important issues, you need to be empathetic. Put yourself in their shoes and try to understand how they’re going to feel when you express your concerns.

They may feel as if they’re independence is being taken away from them, or as if they are becoming a burden to the family. Empathy and reassurance will go a long way in this discussion.

Express Your Concerns

Start the discussion by expressing your concerns. Let mum or dad know that yourself and the rest of the family are worried. This conversation should come from a place of love and its important to highlight that you’re having this discussion because you’re concerned.

Your parents will not want to worry the family. If they are aware that it’s affecting their loved ones, they will be more open to change.

Do Your Research Into Elderly Care

Make sure you’ve done your research beforehand. This way you have a better understanding of the options available and can answer any questions your parents may have. For example, if you think it’s time for your parents to downsize into more suitable accommodation, look into the options available.

Care homes provide various levels of care but are often extremely costly. And many have long waiting lists. Instead, your parents may prefer a granny annexe. This is a cost-effective solution that will allow your parents to live independently whilst being nearby if they need anything. Having your parents so close to home will put your mind at ease.

Involve your parents in the decision process when discussing their elderly care

Give Them Options Regarding Their Care

Like many elderly people, your parents may not be overly thrilled about change. To make these transition periods easier, it’s essential to give your parents options when discussing their care. Highlighting the pros and cons of each option will help your parents make the decision that’s best for them.

Don’t Leave Them Out Of The Important Decisions

Making decisions for your ageing parents without discussing it with first is not a good idea. It can often lead to disagreements and will get you nowhere. Your parents should have a say in any changes that are made, after all, it’s their life!

So, ask for your parents’ opinion on each aspect of their care and encourage them to make their own suggestions. By involving your parents in the decision-making process, it will help them feel in control and independent.

Outline The Positives Of Elderly Care

Highlight the positive impact that these changes are going to have on their life. For example, by moving into more suitable accommodation such as a luxury granny annexe, your parents will be able to maintain their independence and spend more time with the family. Also, there will always be someone nearby in case of an emergency.

Similarly, if you decide on an at-home care service or cleaning service, explain that there will simply be an extra pair of helping hands and a friendly face to chat too.

Include The Family

Having the support of your family is important during these difficult conversations. By including the family, you will have more support when it comes to doing what’s best for your parents. Your parents may feel more open to change if they have the support of their loved ones.

Also, making important decisions without other family members may lead to disagreements and arguments.

A granny annexe is a cost effective alternative to elderly care

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Here at iHus, we specialise in the design and build of luxury granny annexes. Our wide range of beautiful annexes offers a cost-effective elderly care alternative.

They enable you to keep mum and dad close whilst ensuring that your parents have all the independence they need.

Our self-contained garden annexes have a spacious living area, a fully-fitted kitchen, one or two bedrooms and a bathroom. We even offer affordable financing options.

We take care of planning permission, provide complete project management on-site and ensure that every detail of your garden annexe is finished to an exceptional standard. So, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

If you have any questions about our range of granny annexes or you would like to book a free consultation, simply get in touch. A member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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