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      Care Pods and Assisted Living

      Download Your Free Annexe Brochure

        Simply fill in the form and you will be emailed a link to download our 32 page annexe brochure.

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        We’ve talked about the numerous uses for granny annexes before on our blog, one of the great uses is as an assisted living facility. So-called care pods, offer a safe environment for people with disabilities of all types to live semi-independently, whilst still having care close by.

        What are Care Pods?

        Care pods are granny annexes that can be tailored to the owner or resident’s specific needs. Featuring a bedroom, living area, kitchen and bathroom, care pods are kitted out with everything you would expect to find in a home.

        Rather than someone with a disability struggling on their own at home, care pods can be situated close to help. Assisted living is a great option for many people who don’t want to lose their independence. Care pods can be situated in a relatives back garden for instance, or a close friend.

        Our care pods are built to be fully accessible, built on the same level, special features such as open plan areas and wider than usual doors that are ideal for someone who uses a wheelchair or other mobility aid. Bathrooms are laid out to make them as easy as possible to use, featuring either a shower cubicle with a bench or a walk-in wet room. The care pods can also be fitted with specialist equipment such as hoists.

        man in a wheelchair doing his shopping

        Who are Care Pods Suitable For?

        Care pods are suitable for a wide range of people – elderly people who need a little bit of help, or a teenager with disabilities who want to experience living independently but still have parents close by. Care pods can even be adapted to suit people with specific needs such as bariatric patients.

        Some disabilities mean that a person may only require help with small tasks and are able to live alone for the rest of the time. Living in a care pods means that they can still retain their independence and dignity – basic rights that are extremely important to us all.

        For a disabled person the opportunity to live alone can boost their confidence, becoming semi-independent but having the reassurance that if they are struggling, help is never far away.

        Care pods are ideal for adults for autism who may appreciate having the privacy of their own home whilst still having their parents or a carer nearby.

        Care pods can also be utilised by families who need to care for a relative but don’t have room inside their own house. If you want a loved one nearby to nurse them through a long term illness care pods are ideal when you don’t have room inside your house or the space to build an extension.

        The options are endless for what a care pod can be used for, there are all sorts of different families across the UK who have unique situations.

        Just look at our customer Zoe Trickett; Zoe struggles with her health and looks after her young son, Bradley, who has Autism. We built one of our care pods in her parent’s back garden which was the perfect solution for their family. Living so close to home means Zoe’s Mum can help care for Bradley and jump in when Zoe is unwell.

        a teenager is helped to prepare a meal in his care pod

        How Do I Plan A Care Pod?

        If you think a care pod sounds like something your family could benefit from but are unsure where to start, simply pick up the phone and get in touch!

        iHUS have a core range of annexes that can be adapted to suit even the most complex of needs. There is no need to worry about planning permission, care pod design or the build – we take care of the entire process for you. Even down to installing specialist equipment, we can make our modular annexes meet your exact requirements.

        If you are worried about the look of a care pod on your property, there is no need to be. Our care pods come in a range of sizes to fit most gardens and a wide range of finishes are available, even down to the colour of the window frames. We can clad your annexe in a range of materials and fit it with either a flat or pitched roof. If you live in a conservation area and are worried about planning, we can help with that too.

        Get in Touch

        If you are looking for a supplier of care pods who offers an end-to-end service, then please get in touch.

        One of consultants will be happy to come to your property to do a free assessment, listen to your needs and suggest an appropriate solution.


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