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Our Garden Home Design Tips

Getting a custom-built annexe constructed on your property is, in essence, self-building with professional delivery. With all the freedom this brings; there’s a whole host of ways you can add your own personal flavour into your garden home design. From handpicking interior furnishings to selecting the right construction materials – the options available to you truly are limitless.

As any Grand Design enthusiast would be able to tell you, however; designing your own space can easily become a mammoth of a task. From selecting the right roof tiles, cladding, windows and doors; to choosing the best foundation or the most eco-friendly materials – it can easily get overwhelming. That’s why we – here at iHus, are here to help make the process as simple and stress-free as it can possibly be for you.

As such, we’ve created this guide covering what you should be thinking of when designing your annexe; we’ve even added some design tips to get your creative juices flowing.

Get Creative with your Garden Home Design:

Putting the practicalities of design to one side for now, there’s a lot of freedom to be had when it comes to the physical design of your garden home space; and the only limit is your own imagination. With this in mind; here are some design ideas to help inspire you.

1. A Matching Pair:

When it comes to construction; we always say that one customer lives in the annexe; while another has to look at it – so getting it right is important. One garden home design idea is to compliment the main building’s aesthetic as much as possible. Choosing similar-coloured roof tiles, doors, decking and other finishes; will allow the entire property to feel more cohesive and prevent your annexe from sticking out like a sore-thumb. It may also be a good idea to consider your surrounding areas by choosing cladding that fits in with the aesthetic. If for example you live in the countryside, our untreated oak exterior is likely to fit in wonderfully providing a rural, rustic look.

Haughton exterior image of garden home design

2. Recreating by Decorating

Research suggests that, due to the pandemic; fewer than one in four households over 55 plan to downsize anytime soon. For many, leaving a long-term home – and the many memories made there; is a daunting task to undertake. If this is the case for you, then recreating your family-home’s interior could be the perfect solution; and a fantastic way to make your garden annexe feel like home from the get-go.

3. Pick a Garden Home Design Theme

The options are endless when it comes to garden home designs – so why not get creative and pick a theme to run with? If you’re wanting a simple, beach-house theme – throw in some driftwood tables, wicker baskets or the odd ship-in-a-bottle. Wanting something a little more snug? Use oak cladding for the exterior; then add in some faux-fur throws and a log-burner for that cosy, cabin vibe. Whatever your design ambitions, an annexe can be the perfect space to experiment.

4. End of an Era, Start of a New One

In many ways, downsizing to a new property marks the end of an era – but it’s also the start of a new one. As such, it could be a novel idea to style your garden home with a particular decade in mind. Animal-print rugs, lava lamps and velvet furniture would be perfect for a 70’s boho vibe; whereas styling your garden home with luxurious colours, geometric patterns and lavish detail works well for a 20’s art deco look. Designing in this way also works well if you’re planning on using your annexe as a holiday-let.

Interior of a garden home

5. Make your Garden Home Design Fit for the Future

Increasingly, annexes are being seen as a space for multi-generational use; not just for the elderly. If there’s a plan-in-place for other family members to use it down-the-line; it may be a good idea to find a design that is future-proof. A clean, simplistic and modern style is timeless; not only would it work well for those with limited movement – it would also be perfect to pass on, as is, to future occupants.

Green Materials, Green Hus

Increasingly, in today’s world, it’s becoming imperative for businesses and families alike to manage their environmental impact and carbon footprint. As such, it’s important to bear this in mind when selecting the right materials – and builder, for your garden home design.

At iHus, we’ve always built for generations of families – which gives us a unique perspective on things. Right from our first garden home construction; we’ve set out to build in a cleaner, greener way – in all aspects of our work.

We construct much of our homes in our purpose-built, off-site premises – thereby reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by around 50%; as well as reducing our air pollution through eliminating any excessive off-site traffic.

On top of this, we also make sure to use environmentally-friendly materials in all aspects of our construction projects. For example, 95% of our timber is FSC or PEFC certified and comes from stock that is managed and replenished. For our decking, we use Saige composite – a long-lasting material made almost entirely of recycled plastics and plant fibres; as well as using screw-pile foundations, instead of concrete.

Making your Interior Energy-Efficient:

In a similar vein, it’s also important to think green when it comes to your interior. Not limited just to construction materials, installing the best features on the inside of your garden home is equally as important. Choosing energy-efficient devices is one such way you can make your annexe more environmentally-friendly. It also saves some money on your energy and heating bills in the process; which is only becoming increasingly important amid the current cost-of-living crisis.

Sky light in a iHus build

Here at iHus, we make sure to use ultra-efficient insulation to dramatically reduce energy consumption while delivering A+ internal air quality. Our standard-fitted windows and doors come with 28mm double glazing to achieve an A energy rating; and we also install green electric hot water and heating systems to further tackle your emissions.

Tried and Trusted

At iHus, we’ve worked collaboratively with our clients on almost 300 bespoke, garden home projects. With a wealth of experience behind us, and a personable approach; we’ve already turned a lot of people’s visions into a reality.

Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out how we can help build you the annexe of your dreams.


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