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What have granny annexes and the Caravan Act got to do with each other? If you’re in the early stages of buying a granny annexe it’s likely that you will have heard references to ‘the caravan act’ and you might be wondering how the Caravan Act comes into play.

In this post, we explain what the Caravan Act is, how it’s relevant to annexe buyers, why iHUS use a dual approach to gaining planning permission, and The Caravan Act design specifications.

What is the Caravan Act?

The Caravan Sites Act 1968 is an act, introduced to restrict the eviction from caravan sites of occupiers of caravans and make other provisions for the benefit of such occupiers. Most importantly, the act clearly defines what constitutes a caravan or mobile home (section 13).

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Looking through our core granny annexe range it is obvious that our products are not caravans so you may be wondering what the Caravan Act has to do with us?

As mentioned, The Caravan Act clearly defines the definition of a caravan in section 13. A caravan is a structure that is designed for human residence and can be transported by road. If a structure is permanently fixed to the ground, for example, a brick structure, then it cannot be classed as a caravan.

This definition is important when it comes to granny annexes and planning permission; a granny annexe could easily fit those definitions. Yes, our cosy solid annexes can be viewed as mobile homes; at least in the eyes of the law.

This definition is important as caravans don’t require planning permission or at the least, benefit from far more relaxed regulations from your Local Planning Authority.

Do I Need Planning Permission for My Granny Annexe or Can I Use the Caravan Act?

As an iHUS customer, you’re relieved from the worries surrounding planning permission – a core element of our service is to take care of planning on your behalf.

Our preferred method of obtaining planning permission for your new annexe is via a Householder Planning Application and in most cases, permission is granted. However, we also submit your granny annexe plans under the Caravan Act, so that should any objections be raised, we have a ‘safety net’. For more information on the Householder Application method, please read our previous blog on planning permission.

Granny Annexe Design Specifications for The Caravan Act

You may be worried that an annexe that could be considered a caravan or mobile home won’t be big enough to live in. However, in section 13 of the Caravan Act, specifics are given regarding the permitted size of a caravan or mobile home. These measurements are very generous and several of our granny annexes fit comfortably within these guidelines.

The maximum dimensions allowed under the act are;

  • Depth – External 6.8metres (22 feet 3 3/4 inches)
  • Length – External 20 metres (65 feet 7 1/2 inches)
  • Ceiling Height – Internal 3.05 metres (10 feet 0 inches)

The Act also specifies that the structure (caravan or mobile home) can be transported or removed from the site. This doesn’t mean that a granny annexe must have wheels – the act specifies that transported just means that a structure is capable of being removed and transported by road.

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How Long Does Planning Permission Take?

iHUS has a unique dual approach to gaining planning permission for our customers and in most cases, we are successful with Householder Applications. Plans are submitted under the Caravan Act at the same time as the Householder Application so that if planning permission isn’t granted, the overall project won’t be significantly delayed.

The process involved with obtaining planning permission usually takes around 8-10 weeks after your final design is decided. In this period, we liaise with your Local Planning Authority to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible and that you gain permission for your new granny annexe.

Want to Know More About Granny Annexe Planning Permission or the Caravan Act? If you want to know more about planning permission or how our service works then please, get in touch. A member of our team will be happy to give you all of the information that you need as well as set up a consultation. One of our consultants can visit your home, free of charge, to assess your site and give you more information on planning.

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