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Modern Granny Annexes

Last week we talked about traditional granny annexes. This week we are trotting back into 21st century living and looking at modern granny annexes.

A granny annexe is a fantastic way of enabling family members to live closely together whilst each retaining some independence and privacy.

And despite the slang name ‘granny annexe’, they are popular with people of all ages and abilities.

Let’s have a look at how you can create a modern granny annexe for your garden and who might want one.


Who Can Live In A Modern Granny Annexe?

It used to be that a granny annexe was for widows who wanted to live close to their family members but not necessarily with them.

Sometimes they were conjoined extensions, and sometimes they were annexed properties, hence the term ‘granny annexe’.

These old fashioned granny annexes were either like a shed with a bed, or a caravan.

But these days, modern granny annexes are like small bungalows and have central heating, proper fitter kitchens and bathrooms, more than one bedroom, and fully customisable features. No more slumming it in the shed for nan!


This means they are popular with all types of people.

For example, iHUS recently built a garden annexe for Zoe and Val. Zoe wanted to live close to her mum and dad but had her own son to think about. Property in the local area was scant, and what was available was unsuitable for Zoe’s son, who has autism.

The solution was a two-bedroom, modern granny annexe with plenty of space and storage for a young family.

Plus, plenty of over 50s are choosing to live in a granny annexe with their grow up child nearby whilst they are young and fit enough to enjoy the benefits it offers, such as time with the grandkids and the financial boon of downsizing.


Customise Your Granny Annexe To Make It Modern?

Here at iHUS we want everyone who lives in a granny annexe to be 100% happy with it forever. To us that means customising your annex.

A flat roof, for example gives a granny annexe a modern feel. And thanks to modern roofing methods, you don’t have to worry about leaks or rot.

We clad all our granny annexes in cedral weatherboard. This is different to wood, as it doesn’t rot or need much care. You can choose from a whole host of colours and finishes. Consider dark colours for a very modern feel.

External decking can be put where you want it, too, letting you enjoy al fresco dining or even a hot tub!

Inside, the customisation options keep coming.

The kitchen is fully tailorable. You can choose your favourite kitchen cupboard and base units and even the configuration. A fan oven, extractor chimney and ceramic hob makes cooking easy and fast.

image of a granny annexe kitchen in Luton

The bathroom suite is up to you, and you can even have a wet-room.

The flooring, positioning of electricals, window finishes, and even overall layout is totally your choice!

If you are after a modern granny annexe, you will be able to tweak and instruct until you are happy with the result.


Internal Layouts for Modern Annexes

Unlike traditional granny annexes, a modern annexe will typically be open plan.

Open plan living is a 21st century norm, as people enjoy spending time cooking and socialising together.

Better central heating means we no longer need to have several small rooms-we can effectively heat large spaces. This has led to the rise of open plan kitchen and living spaces.

Open plan living is especially useful for those in wheelchairs or with other mobility issues, as it means fewer awkward corners and door frames to negotiate.

The Dunscroft makes the most of this. It is a one bedroom L shaped annex that has an open plan living and kitchen area. French doors open out onto the garden, allowing you to have a seamless transition between the outside and the inside-another modern living feature.

The Loversall is a spacious two bedroom modern annexe building. It has a very large central living space with a bedroom off either end. A galley kitchen leads off the living area, meaning the heart of the home becomes the living and dining room. Two bedrooms make it perfect for first time buyers with a child or who want to have friends over. Or even for couples who want their own space!

Loversall granny annexe


The Melton is a fantastic smaller two bedroom annexe that has a large master bedroom and a smaller room that can be used as a guest bedroom or even a study or sewing room. The open plan living and french doors make this feel like a modern and spacious home.

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Or, download our brochure to start planning your modern granny annexe today!

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